The Senior Pastor

Pastor Booker

 Elder Lucian Dell Booker, Jr. was born in Lexington, KY on November 8, 1978. He is the third child and only son of four children born to the late Honorable Bishop Lucian D. Booker, Sr. and Mother Mary M. Booker. He was baptized in 1985 at the age of seven and received the Holy Ghost in 1995 at the age of 17. He was called to the ministry in March of 1996. In March of 1999, Elder Booker married his lovely wife, Sister LaeLana (Young) Booker, and together parent four beautiful children: NaShayla, Shannon, Lucian (Tre’), and LaeAna. (3).

His service to God began as a young lad at the age of 4 playing the drums. He dedicated himself to music and as he grew older, he expanded his knowledge. He passed that knowledge onto others as he went from the drums to the bass, from the bass to the lead guitar, and from the lead guitar to the keyboard and organ. He always stood ready to pass the knowledge to any and all that would receive it. After being the music director for many years, Elder Booker became the Minister of Music. His thirst for knowledge and the need to share it continued as he instituted a director’s class. He was led some years later to form Deliverance, who not only ushered the Spirit of worship and praise on Sunday mornings and evenings, but was called upon to minister at various events. Music is one of Elder Booker’s greatest passions and even today, provides valuable instruction and wisdom to the music department.

Another of Elder Booker’s greatest passions is his love for the young people. It was this passion, and the leading of the Holy Ghost, which caused Elder Booker to start the Soul Mission cell ministry as an outreach to deal with various needs of both the community and the church. Although primarily a youth group, the teachings of Elder Booker extended to all ages. Elder Booker sought to not only teach the word, but to have those Godly inspired lessons impact the lives of others. Through Soul Mission, Elder Booker transformed the youth of the church from what some called “The Dead Sea” into the life of the church. In late 2004, Elder Booker was led by God to call a Youth prayer revival, during which time 30 plus were filled with the Holy Ghost, one of which was a pastor of a Baptist church. In the late spring of 2005, during an evening youth service, Elder Booker called the class of 2005 graduates up, gave a brief lesson, and then anointed and prayed for them, laying hands on them, at which time, the four received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Booker made himself available as a counselor, and finding himself giving advice to many of the married couples of the church who were having issues, he along with his wife organized a dynamic and powerful Married Couples Retreat at a local hotel. Although young in age, God had already blessed Elder Booker with knowledge and wisdom, many of it from and through his father, and all from God. It was this wisdom that had him in the position to bless others. He routinely blessed others, whether it was a couple of dollars, a car, or just pure knowledge. He is a strong believer in the power of giving to others and to the ministry, so much so that he closed down a business and turned away a potential millions in order to devote himself to God’s work full time.

Elder Booker had many roles in his time of growth. Besides being the music director, Minister of Music, and Youth president, Elder Booker was an ordained Deacon, teacher, Brotherhood leader, associate minister, and Assistant Pastor, as well as Minister of Music and Youth President of the Central District Council of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ.

When Elder Booker’s father went home to be with the Lord in February of 2008, Elder Booker stepped to the plate, having been the Assistant Pastor and already handling most of the business of the church. Without his chance to grieve and mourn, Elder Booker picked up the church and has carried it every since, believing that in taking care of God’s business, God will provide the healing that he needs. Through his sermons, instruction, and personal example, the church has learned that in spite of what we go through, we must keep pressing and fighting, for where there is no fight, there is no victory.