Our Ministries

The Cross

As a ministry devoted to provide whole life ministry to the whole lives of peole, what is listed here is not the complete list, but it does indicate that we are serious about the soul business as it relates to not only reaching those who are lost, but to help those who are found to face and overcome their hurts, pains, and struggles. We believe that we are not only positioned to help you make that journey, but because many of us have experienced the same life issues, we will make that journey together.

Areas of Ministry

Core Ministries

• Men's Ministry

• Women's Ministry

• Youth Ministry

Service Ministries

• Fine Arts Ministry

• Christian Education Ministry

• Hospitality Ministry

• Deacon Board Ministry

• Altar Worker Ministry

• Pastoral Aide Ministry

Outreach Ministries

• Prison Ministry

• Feed The Hungry Ministry

• Married Couples Ministry

• Singles Ministry

• Marketing Ministry

• Nursing Home Ministry

• Home Bible Study Ministry

• Road To Deliverance Ministry